Custom Monograms by Marjorie for


step one

Examine the various monograms on the EXAMPLES page.

Select 3 or 4 designs that "speak to you." This is how we determine a starting point. Look for monograms that appeal to you, do not try to fit your letters into various designs - we will do that for you.


step two


In a few weeks, you will receive

four rough sketches of your monogram from which to choose. These will be very preliminary pencil drawings.

Please examine these for composition and letter style.


step three

Once you receive the monogram sketches, select the design that you prefer. Contact M.C Designs with any comments or changes regarding this monogram. If you do not like any of the choices, new sketches will be provided (please specify what you liked or disliked about the original sketches).

Once M.C Designs receives your approval, a computerized design will be created. The camera-ready artwork will be delivered in various formats (JPEG, PDF, and EPS) for your own use.

M.C Designs also offers embroidery services and various other products. Please contact us for more information.